RetrOpatija – Back to 60's and 70's
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RetrOpatija – Back to 60's and 70's

  • 22.06.2019. - 29.06.2019.
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RetrOpatija – Back to 60's and 70's

This weekend began the Opatija Golden Age - RetrOpatija. On Saturday, June 22nd, in front of the Art Pavilion, Juraj Šporer, started amazing party which lasted until morning hours.

Disco and funk hits have returned visitors to past and, as they often like to say, to some better times.

The nostalgic performances from the sixties and seventies last until June 29th, and the whole week is enriched with a fantastic program.

Besides retro music, old movie projections and a completely different offer of food and drinks whose flavors return to the past, you also have the opportunity to see a lot of oldtimers in the park of St.James and the one behind Villa Angiolina.

From the radios of every oldtimer, only the best hits are played, and professional dancers inm characteristic fashion creations complement the whole experience of the last century.

A favorite part of this biggest retro event of the year is a disco ball when thousands of visitors „burn“ a dance floor together with top dance artists.

It is difficult to convey the spirit, the feeling and the experience of this unique music event by words. The combination of jazz improvisation, rock, light swing and electric disco melodies at RetrOpatija brings together street musicians, most popular local and world musicians, jugglers, make-up artists, hairdressers and unique oldtimers like Fiat and old Vespa.

If you are able to do so, we recommend that you visit the always special Opatija, which will especially leave you breathless this week.

By Saturday you have the chance to experience some of the most beautiful moments of this summer, so pack your suitcases and go to – Opatija!

All information and program details can be found at

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