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The bay and port of Crisnjeva is located in the town of Krljevica (Bakar Bay) which is known for its indented coast, lush vegetation, attractive beaches, beautiful promenade, and due to its mild climate it became one of the first centers of health tourism in whose context the sea was mentioned in the early 20th century. air, sun and sand baths, and the impact of the strong wind called bura on health is especially emphasized.

Črišnjeva Bay is preferred by the locals, bathers from the Grobnišćina area. Crisnjeva used to be known as a ferry port. Before the construction of the Krk Bridge, from 1965 to 1980, the ferry Voz connected the island and the mainland with the line Crisnjeva-Voz.

Every year, the traditional and famous Balinjerada va Črišnjeva is held here, where competitors ride on a large downhill on ball bearings until they end up in the sea.

Crisnjeva is an oasis of peace; crickets, blue sea and almost desert whiteness of karst. Next to the harbor, which stretches longitudinally, are stone bungalows that were once said to be fishermen's houses. At the end of the harbor there are small pebble bays and a view of the Krk bridge, which from this perspective looks monumental.

In the port of Crisnjeva is planned to continue with the construction of berths and the arrangement of the reserve ferry port in case of extraordinary circumstances that would lead to the closure of the Krk bridge and the large operational coast.

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