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Punat is located on the southwestern part of the island of Krk in one of the most protected bays in the Adriatic. It is considered one of Krk’s more recent villages.

Punat is located along the coast of an extremely deep bay, Puntarska draga, in the center of which is the miniature island of Košljun, the site of a Franciscan monastery and a real gem. The size of the small island with its rich vegetation is slightly larger than a thousand meters, its surface is 68 square metres, and its highest point is located 6 metres above sea level. On this relatively small surface 540 plant and mushroom species. If you want to visit the island of Košljun you have to go there by “barkajoli” that continuously travel the 10 minutes journey from Punat to Košljun and back again.

The simple coastal ambience of Punat is charmed by the small crowded streets and taverns that preserve good wines, the pristine whiteness of the pebble beaches in the vicinity and the vineyards and olive groves in stone. Punat is very proud of the tradition of olive growing: today it will be said of Punat that every family there cultivates its own olive grove and produces its own, very high quality, olive oil.

Today Punat is one of the largest nautical centres in Croatia since the largest and oldest marina on the Adriatic is located here, which can accommodate about 1200 vessels.

Punat is a small tourist place that primarily offers a break from the hustle, stress, noise.

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