The island of Pag is situated between Rab, Vir and Olib. It is one of the largest islands on the Adriatic coast with an indented coastline rich in beautiful coves, bays and beaches. Because of its scarce vegetation, Pag is often called a 'stone desert', but that doesn't diminish the beauty of this really unique island.

When we have already mentioned how people call Pag, then it is definitely worth mentioning that it is often called the "island of cheese" and the "island of salt", too.

The characteristic taste of Pag cheese has already been recognized by gourmets from all over the world, and almost every Croatian cuisine has the Pag salt.

Pag also has another title, and that is the 'island of lace' because its lace stands out with its centuries-old tradition, immense beauty of ornaments and quality.

All the lovers of the sea, the sun and all day long laying on the beach will find their oasis of peace and happiness on Pag. Even 20 kilometers of pebble beaches will provide you relaxation and full enjoyment.

In the last few years, Pag has become the "party" destination that young people adore. Close to Novalja, the main tourist center of the island of Pag, there is the Zrće beach, where are organized various festivals with the biggest world's stars.

We have prepared quality webcams and the best live streaming, so you can online feel experience from the center of the island, from the Pag beaches and from the "fun factory" Zrće!

After you see how it looks like, we are convinced that you will want to enjoy the island's beauty, the finest delicacies, the wealth of the ancient remains and the best parties!

Choose island of Pag this summer and enjoy your dream vacation!

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