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Thanks to its very favorable geographical position and the proximity of a number of European emitting countries, the island of Krk has excellent transport links. The island of Krk can be reached by car in just a few hours. The Krk bridge has greatly facilitated traffic connections.

Krk Bridge (formerly Tito's Bridge), is a 1430 m long reinforced concrete arch bridge that connects the Croatian island of Krk with the mainland near Kraljevica. Work on the bridge began in July 1976, under the auspices of Tito himself, and the bridge opened on July 19, 1980. The length of the bridge with access roads is 1430 m. What made the bridge stand out was the concrete arch from the mainland to the island of Sveti Marko, 390 meters long, which at the time of construction became the largest such bridge in the world. By 85 m, the arch surpassed the largest bridge on the bridge in Sydney. The bridge is part of the state road D102. In the first 20 years, 27.2 million vehicles crossed the bridge.

In 2020, the Krk Bridge turned 40 years old from the great act of opening a traffic facility that undoubtedly changed and continues to change the island of Krk. In June of the same year, the collection of tolls on the Krk Bridge was abolished.

The Krk bridge is often closed due to strong wind (bura).

For many years, the possibility of building a new Krk bridge, which exists in sketches, has been occasionally mentioned. It is a projection of a suspension bridge about 850 meters long, which would be located near the existing bridge and would connect Krk with the mainland at the location "Voz", where an extension of the viaduct about 900 meters long would be located. A bridge with four traffic lanes is planned, and below it a railway bridge with two tracks.



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