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Cres and Lošinj

In the past, Cres and Lošinj were one island, and today they are divided by the Osor Channel and attractive varieties and similarities. Cres will win your heart with a clean, untouched nature abounding in forests, steep cliffs, numerous churches and beautiful beaches, while Lošinj will delight you with the soothing and wonderful scents of medicinal plants, clear sea and fantastic manifestations.


Besides Lošinj and Krk, Cres is one of the islands with the most beautiful vegetation and unique fauna. Cres has provided a habitat for the Griffon vulture, an exceptionally rare bird, which in some way became a symbol of this place.

Although the rarest inhabited Adriatic and Mediterranean island, Cres has developed excellent tourism and can boast of the abundance of cultural and natural resources.

The island is known for its medicinal herbs whose quality and efficiency are very popular as well as top quality olive oil, fishery and beekeeping.

In the center of old town Cres, you will become acquainted with the unusual architecture of high and narrow houses in the form of the labyrinth. Taste island lamb, the most famous Cres specialty as well as the finest seafood specialties in amazing restaurants and taverns.

Cres is full of beautiful beaches and hidden coves, so sunbathing and swimming in locations such as Lubenice, Valun or Orlec definitely have to be high on your list of wishes!


The perfect combination of clear sea, fresh air and 1018 plant species make Lošinj an ideal destination for total relaxation in a healthy and relaxing environment.

To enjoy the healing aromas, visit the Fragrance Garden in Mali Lošinj and enjoy the aromatic walk along the landscaped Lošinj promenades. Here you can find figs, lemons, tangerines, olives, cactuses, pines and many other beautiful and unique plant varieties. The pine forests are the main trademark of the island of Lošinj. Just like in Cres, Lošinj is also a habitat of Griffon vulture, as well as dolphins that win hearts of all visitors.

On the south-eastern part of the island there is Veli Lošinj. Stony narrow streets, just like cultural heritage, rich gastronomy and numerous interesting events make Veli Lošinj a favorite destination for tourists from all over the world. All lovers of sport and recreation can enjoy various activities like sailing, diving, cycling, football or basketball in Veli Lošinj.

And in Augusta Bay, there is the largest island town of the Adriatic - Mali Lošinj. Visit the villas of the Austrian aristocracy, the fountain, the Calvary and the many beautiful churches in this area.

You can refresh yourself on beautiful beaches and bays such as Sunny Bay, Borik Beach, Veli Žal and others. If you want to spend an active holiday, Mali Lošinj or the so-called The "Island of Vitality" provides you with a large number of opportunities for sport and recreation. Try tennis, horse riding, panoramic flights, underwater fishing, parachuting, etc.

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