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Svetvinčenat is a renaissance, medieval town located in the south of central Istria, with about 300 inhabitants, 20 km from Rovinj and 25 km from Pula.

The area of ​​Svetvinčenat has been inhabited since prehistoric times, and experienced a real boom in the 15th and 16th centuries. Then the place was transformed into a regular Renaissance settlement with a square and a cistern in the middle, which is closed by a magnificent castle, loggia, church and other buildings. The area of ​​the municipality of Svetvinčenat has a sub-Mediterranean climate, which is why grapes and olives are mainly grown.

It is one of the Istrian gems in which the tourist offer has been revived in recent years, especially through various events that take place in the extremely attractive historical areas of this town.

Svetvinčenat is adorned by the renaissance Placa square with the Morosini-Grimani castle, one of the best-preserved examples of Venetian architecture, which is also the largest Svetvinčenat building and has been a symbol of the place and destination of soldiers, nobles, travel writers and merchants, and today curious passers-by and tourists. During the summer, the medieval castle of the Morisini-Grimani family hosts programs as part of the Istraetnojazz Festival and the Medieval Festival in August. This place also hides a dark legend that has become one of the symbols of the place. It is here that the witch Mare Radolovich was once burned in 1632.

The main town square and the surrounding areas are the stages of the Dance Festival and non-verbal theater.


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