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Live Streaming - LiveCamCroatia

Live Streaming - LiveCamCroatia

Do you have a great location to brag about it ? A perfect view?


Stand out - promote your location directly in real time.Via live streaming be in front of others! Allow top technology to work for you!

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LiveCamCroatia offering you professionally shooting high-resolution construction sites from building up to completion. Our live streaming technology camera in high resolution gives online availability from anywhere in the world. High resolution webcams keep track of what's happening on the construction site at any time.

Presentation of the construction site via time lapse after the construction is completed that will save months of construction in just a few minutes. Such an attractive, fast motion construction video  from footage to the roof reduced to a short high-resolution video is the best presentation of construction the new building.


We provide the highest quality live streaming of your event with  top quality equipment.

Promote your event directly in real time. Via live streaming be in front of others and expand the reach and impact of the event. Allow top technology to work for you!

We are adapting to you! You just need to say your wishes!

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