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Fužine - a famous tourist destination with a very long tourist tradition. The real paradise, situated only 15 kilometers from the sea, at 730 meters above sea level, surrounded by picturesque mountains, the silence of centuries-old coniferous forests and the beauty of its lakes.

Fužine was built in the 17th century, when the Zrinski family started digging the iron ore at this time, which gave this place its name.

Fužine marks the wealth of water. Today there are three reservoir lakes: Bajer, Lepenica and Potkoš, which are well-suited to the gorgeous landscape. Lake Bajer is the oldest reservoir lake, all three are built because of the enormous amount of precipitation that falls during the year. They are rich in fish and are a real bait for fishermen. The clear waters abound with trout, clown, head, carp, pike and many others. There are sailing regattas, diving competitions on the lakes, surfing, canoeing and canoeing, and you can visit it by a tourist boat.

As a popular tourist destination, Fužine offers tourists numerous sports and recreational facilities. In the surrounding area you will find 9 marked hiking and cycling trails with interesting names (deer trail, bear paths, fishing trails, paths of in love) and mountain hiking trails and the most popular promenade around the Bajer Lake with its own trail.

The place and its surroundings are rich in cultural and natural sights, the most famous of which is the sanctuary of the Mother of God of Snow. According to the legend, in 1733, the Mother of God appeared in the snow and today this feast is celebrated on August 5, when it is a traditional pilgrimage. The local collection in Lič, the church of St. Antun Padovanski, which became the largest church in Gorski kotar and a recognizable part of the local landscape.

A very significant tourist attraction is the cave Vrelo. The cave was discovered during the construction of the reservoir lake Bajer. It is well-lit and well-designed for visits of a total length of 300 meters and specific to being the only tourist cave in Croatia through which groundwater passes. Interestingly, there is no stairway in it, which makes it very suitable for all visitors.

Walking the lavender fields in Lič is something you certainly do not expect in this area and worth visiting. In addition to organized and individual visits, you can also taste lavender products, and on July 8, Lavender Day is celebrated.

Fužine is known as a highly reccomended destination for New Year's Eve. In addition to the romantic ambience of the quaint village near the lake, Fužine is unique that every December 31, exactly at noon, celebrates the Old Year. Of other events during the year, it is worth mentioning the St. Ante (June 13th), who is also the patron saint of Fužine, in the summer Strawberry Days and Fužine's regatta of sailing boats, in August, in Ličko Polje, is held Para Lič, a large paraglider and skirmish competition, and in early autumn Potatoes Days.

You will always find something for yourself in Fužine. Summer months are reserved for outdoor activities, while in the winter months the New Year's Concert of the Orchestra as well as the original Silvestar’s open air event, every December 31 at exactly noon.

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