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In the naturally protected bay is situated the beautiful, historical town of Cres, which is a favorite destination for sailors because of its favorable position.

The island of Cres is full of natural beauty like steep rocks with dense and oak forests and numerous pastures. Cres has been breeding sheep for centuries, so wool of Cres is very popular. One of the natural beauties that is certainly worth mentioning is an unusual natural phenomenon - lake Vrana. Its level is below sea and that makes it particularly attractive. The legend says there is a castle at the bottom of the lake.

Cres has beautiful beaches, especially the beach of Kovačine camp, where is a beach for dogs. Among other things, everyone who loves animals will adore Cres because of its kindness and the warm welcome for all the tourists who want to spend holidays with their pets, so we can freely say that this is one charming "pet-friendly" place.

At almost every step you can see remains of early Catholic churches and antique cities, so do not miss visiting the Cres Tower, Three City Gates and City Clock, the Arsan Palace, the town's lodge with a pillar of disgrace, the Franciscan monastery with the church of St. Franjo ...

And on the top of the steep cliff is an interesting town on the island of Cres - Lubenice. It is a small town that you absolutely should visit because you will have the opportunity to swim at one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Cres, and even of Croatia. Although access to the beach is a bit demanding, it is definitely worth to try and visit it because you will be rewarded with an untouched beach of perfect white gravel and crystal clear sea.

In the evening you will be able to enjoy the many cafés and restaurants and bring home interesting souvenirs from one of many souvenir shops.

During the summer months, you will have the opportunity to have fun in the magical atmosphere of the Lubenice evenings with a variety of music programs.

If you want to visit the city that will bring you back to the past, swim on the wonderful beaches, see interesting places and attractions and take your pet with you, Cres is an ideal destination!

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