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Cres - Camping Kovacine, Cres, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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27o C 75% 1009 hPa

Over 1,500 fragrances and rare endemic plant species call this island their home.

Camp Kovačine is one of the few located in the shade of olive and pine trees on a small peninsula on the island of Cres, just a few steps from the town of Cres. It is located next to one of the most beautiful beaches, and romantic souls will appreciate the fact that they bathe in the sunset every night, while being surrounded by gorgeous heavenly beauty.

You are looking at the cape of the peninsula right next to the Kovačine beach. The beach is equipped with all the accompanying facilities. The beach has a variety of configurations, from concrete plateaus to fine sand interspersed with rocks emerging from the depths. The beach is the proud owner of the Blue Flag, and boasts the purity of the sea, beautifully landscaped space and natural environment. This is also the only beach on the island of Cres with the Blue Flag.

In the Kovačine camp you can experience all the freedom and rusticity of life on the island without having to sacrifice your comfort. Equipped with excellent facilities for your comfort and a rich offer and activities, Camp Kovačine brings you the best of both worlds - reactivation of the senses by exposure to natural forces with true rest and revitalization through powerful indigenous experiences.

Untouched nature, fascinating biodiversity and the rarely seen richness of the seabed make the island of Cres a natural gem.


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