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Lubenice (watermelons) are a small place on the island of Cres, located on top of a cliff 378 meters above sea level, and the view from it is one of the most beautiful views that can be witnessed. The main scenes that the observer can catch are the Kvarner Bay and the beach of St. John.

This settlement is an impressive 4 millennia old, and according to the evidence gathered, it seems that at every moment of that time period someone lived in the area.

In the place there is a medieval fortress and the remains of a medieval city wall and city gate. In addition to the old square, there are numerous churches in Lubenice. The place is oval in shape, and two parallel winding streets pass through it in a south-north direction. The streets and other branches in Lubenice have no names, and the houses have only numbers from one to forty-two. There is a school in Lubenice, but as no one under the age of 65 lives in the place, there is no need for a school.

Although it is a small settlement that needs to be worked on in order to reach it, the number of visitors and tourists who visit it every tourist season is impressive. During the summer, the City of Cres traditionally organizes musical evenings in Lubenice, which are attended by a large number of guests. In the church of St. Concerts are held on St. Mary's Day, and the grand opening and closing of the "Watermelon Evenings" are held on the square in front of the church, where numerous world and Croatian authors perform.

At the foot of Lubenice, there is the beach of St. Ivan, which was ranked 15th in the competition of the 40 most beautiful beaches in the world by the German magazine Bild. Due to its beauty, the beach is one of the main themes on postcards and pictures of Cres. Although it is a beautiful and unique beach, it is quite difficult to reach on foot, so most people visit it from the sea.

Lubenice were nominated for inclusion on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in Europe by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia in 2005, but a positive response has not yet arrived.

The first thing that immediately cross your mind is that this settlement is actually called Lubenice (watermelons). The first assumption would be that watermelons are grown here but this is not the case. There is a legend that has been spread among the people for a long time. She says that in the nearby area lived a king who had a daughter who was in love with a boy who lived in today's Lubenice. The king did not approve of this love and expelled his daughter from the throne, and she decided to live with the young man. Her name was Ljubica and the place was named "Ljubenice" in her honor. Also, it is believed that Lubenice got their name from the Latin word "hibernicius", meaning "windy" because wind is a common occurrence in a place located at the top of a cliff.


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