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Cres center - Mandrac and Square, Cres, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • City Cres
  • Name Cres center - Mandrac and Square
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  • Longitude 14.3975
  • Latitude 44.856
  • Publicaton date 23. April 2021.


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The old town, surrounded by rectangular walls with five towers and several city gates, was formed before the end of Venetian rule and, apart from a few later additions, has preserved much of its former appearance to this day.

Today's area is marked by the medieval port with local boats, Gothic and Renaissance churches and monasteries, palaces of noble families and the remains of city fortifications are connected.

The Old Town Lodge from the 15th century with a pillar of shame is located on the waterfront right next to the main city gate, on the main square of Cres - Frane Petrić Square, in the medieval port. The lodge has always been the center of public life in the city. It once served as a gathering place for the population and a shelter for those who did not manage to enter the city before the closure of the city and today it is most lively during the morning when it turns into a market.

There is also a fountain at the waterfront which glows in different colors during the warm Cres nights and there is one of the narrowest houses in Europe. The houses on the waterfront are painted in different colors and thus reveal the magic of the coast.

Cres - destination for Your perfect holiday!

Everything you want to know about island Cres you can find here: http://www.visitcres.hr/croatia-island-cres/en/Default.aspx

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