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Top 10, Beaches in Croatia 2018.

Top 10, Beaches in Croatia 2018.

Croatia - the land of beautiful beaches, also known as the 1000 island conutry, the miles of indented croatian coast and the island offers many pearls - bays and beaches where some will look for a getaway from stress and the other one place for endless enjoyment.

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Are you looking for a quiet beach where you can relax and enjoy the scent of Dalmatian herbs and pines far away from the noise or the one you will enjoy in the company and sip a cocktail at the bar a few meters from the sea or with the kids build a towers in the sand and descend the toboggan are the criteria to which choose each one for themselves and the most important fact is "that beauty is in the eye of the observer”! Some like beaches full of different contents and sports activities, a variety of gastronomic offer, to have all nearby. While others prefer to sleep in a lonely bay, a clean sea, a natural beach with only two towels and a view of the clear sea and islet in the distance.

It is almost impossible to choose one of the most beautiful among the dozens of beautiful beaches on the Croatian coast. It is difficult to meet all the criteria and it is even harder to choose the top 10 beaches in our beautiful Croatia. And as we explored more, we came to the conclusion that the task is really difficult. But we tried to gather 10 beaches that are most often mentioned in the media as a choice for Top 10 in a one place, even they are quite different categories. From those with overflowing activities and that you won’t miss anything to those you can get only by boat or a steep path. Sandy, pebble, rocky beaches - mostly pebbly and stone, but you can find some sandy beaches too that can compete with beautiful exotic tropical beaches.

It is up to you to choose your favorite or freely suggest a new one that is not in this list and you would very much like to have it included in the list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches at the Adriatic.

We are counting days until summer and we already imagine ourselves on one of these beautiful beaches!

You can also experience some of the most beautiful beaches via our webcams and some of the beaches with our webcams are proud of the Earth Cam award - the largest and most influential web site portal in the world which according to very strict criteria includes the webcams in Top 10. These are: Mon Perin Bale, a city beach in Novi Vinodolski and a beach in Baška Voda.

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  1. 1. The Sakarun Beach

    is located on the northern part of Dugi otok. To anyone who looks at the photographs of this piece of land and is not familiar with its location, he would have liked to enjoy the scenes of Mauritius or Maldives. White sand and turquoise clear waters stretch to 800 meters and it is the rest for the body and soul, so it is understandable that is is proclaimed as the most beautiful beach in the Adriatic. The British Telegraph described this beach as a unique in terms of color intensity - the turquoise sea, the dark pines and white pebbles that glitters at the sun.

  1. 2. Lubenice, Cres

    located at the foot of the magical place Lubenice at Cres island, a difficult to reach beach, known for its beauty. The sheltered, untouched nature and scents are only accessible by foot or by boat. The pebble beach of an emerald-sapphire sea is a bait for the eye, but also a good location for escape from civilization. The hard way to go down to the beach and climb back is just for the bravest, so this little piece of land on earth is only available to adventurers who are not afraid of a difficult road or those who own a sailing boat. It is also known as Sv. Ivan. Bild magazine once proclaimed it as the 15th most beautiful in the world.

  1. 3. Punta Rata, Brela

    - the most prestigious beach of Makarska Riviera, which is ranked among the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world by the magazine Forbes, where it is ranked 6th and 1st in Europe. Blue Flag Beach. On the same beach there is a monumental stone, which is now used as the official symbol of Brela and is called "stone of life", a rocks in the sea from which it grows. It has become a world attraction.

  1. 4. Banje, Dubrovnik

    - the most famous beach in Dubrovnik stands out as a place for postcards and views of the walls and on the island of Lokrum. The most beautiful city beach on the whole coast. The crystal clear sea, the nearby bar and the spacious loungers makes Banje a popular tourist destination. A beach that lives day and night and where you can meet some of the famous Hollywood stars.

  1. 5. The heaven beach, Rab

    – it’s name is witnessed by sand, shallow waters, warm sea, thick shade of dense pine. The 2 km long beach is located on the northern part of the island of Rab in the small tourist resort Lopar and a lot of the facilities makes it the perfect destination for family tourism. It has a blue flag, sandy and shallow that is ideal for children.

  1. 6. The Golden beach, Brač

    - the most famous and most elaborate Adriatic beach has long been a world attraction. The pebble beach, extending a thousand meters to the south of the island, is one of the most famous symbols of Croatian tourism, and due to its projection and exposure to winds, it is an attractive location for windsurfing.

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  1. 7. Zrće, Pag

    - the most famous beach on island of Pag, but also on the whole Adriatic. White smooth shadows, steep entrance to the sea and beautiful landscapes, but above all great fun with the nightclubs are bait for party people from all over the world. Croatian Ibiza can accommodate thousands of swimmers and party players and live 24 hours a day. Various facilities, clean sea and top-level organization Zrće have already made the title of the best beach in the Adriatic.

  1. 8. Nikolina, Baška Voda

    - one of the most well-known and safest beaches in the center Baška Voda, under Biokovo, a park of nature. The Nikolina Beach is the main beach in Baška Voda, which is named after the patron saint of St. Nikola Putnik whose statue is on a mullet that divides the beach from the harbor. It has the Blue Flag and the National Tourist Award Blue Flower, the most arranged beach in the Croatian Adriatic. The view from Nikolina beach has been declared for one of the most beautiful in the world in 2014. and in 2015. it has been selected among the 10 most attractive beaches in the Mediterranean by Daily Mail.

  1. 9. Bačvice, Split

    - one of the central places of life of the town under the Marjan, the beach has existed since 1891. Bačvice is a natural phenomenon, a sandy beach in the heart of the city that can accommodate over 10.000 people. With the appearance of the spring at Bačvice, Split became Copacabana, where many famous footballers were born, where the split rugby was born, where picigin is played regularly in summer and winter. Today, it is a Split’s promenade of all ages and at night it becomes the center of entertainment.

  1. 10. The Queen's Beach

    in Nin is also one of the world famous beaches that you must see and enjoy 3 kilometers of sand. According to the legend, the wife of the first Croatian king Tomislav was a great lover of the Nin beach, so the beach was named after her. The sea in front of the beach is shallow, even ten meters from the shore, so the beach is especially popular with families with small children.

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