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The town of Krk is one of the oldest settlements in Croatia and is fascinating with the representative medieval heritage. Some hold that even Ancient Greek writer Homer mentions in his epic. Krk is still a fortified city, surrounded by walls throughout its territory. There are 4 door gate which leads to the city and within the city are typical coastal streets. The highest inherited heritage of the city is certainly a sacral complex of three churches with a cathedral built over the remains of Roman terms dating from the beginning of the 5th century; the Franciscan and Benedictine monastery with churches (12th and 13th centuries), the archaeological site of Volsonis under the main city square and your personal exploration of the details that will make Krk a charming city that matches your standards.

Since the cachword of Krk is a city of history and culture which has been founded for more than 3000 years of uninterrupted life in the city so at first it is a worthwhile visit to the historical core of the city, which even at the peak of the season, feels the peace and the spirit of old times.

The town's beaches can be proudly brag about a blue flag featured for an uninterrupted 8-years.

Gastronomic specialty is island lamb for which the locals will say we that it was served on the courtyard of the Roman emperors, a specialty is also handmade pasta which is a trademark of the island - very tasty pasta and prosciutto from Krk which is protected by the designation of geographic origin.

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