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Beli is one of the oldest and in the past the most important Cres settlements.

Today, Beli has only a few permanent residents. The town of Beli is tourist-oriented for family and camping tourism with a beautiful pebble beach and a well-protected harbor.

Today, Beli has a great tourist significance and is one of the preserved picturesque places that are an unavoidable place for visitors to the island of Cres.

The visitor center and the recovery center for griffon vultures are located in this picturesque town of Beli in the area of ​​Tramuntana, as the northern part of Cres is called, covered with the forest of the same name. There is also a recovery center for griffon vultures, within which an interpretation center has been opened with several permanent exhibitions, namely the biological diversity of the Cres - Lošinj archipelago, stories about griffon vultures and the history and ecological heritage of the Tramuntana forest. They also carry out integral protection of griffon vultures.

Lovers of untouched nature and rich cultural heritage, people looking for a unique experience of the island and visitors who enthusiastically watch the sky and the flight of griffon vultures and many other species of birds that adorn the sky of the northern part of the island. The millennial coexistence of humans and vultures is the pride of the local population, and greatly contributes to the conservation of this endangered species.


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