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Samobor Craft Festival
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Samobor Craft Festival

  • 03.05.2024. - 05.05.2024.
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The first Samobor Craft Festival, whose predecessor for years was the Samobor Spring Fair, has opened its doors wide. From handmade jewelry to craft boats, through traditional gum-gum and pickling games to the offer of craft breweries, gin producers and wineries, visitors will be able to enjoy a variety of content and a combination of traditional and urban for three days.

Samobor Craft Festival gathers in one place a rich craft and gastronomic offer of valuable and unique handicrafts and gastronomic delights, specific not only for Samobor, but for the whole of Croatia. Visitors will get acquainted with the offer of a pleasant walk through the city center, which will be conveniently arranged. The festival takes place in popular city locations, from King Tomislav Square with a music program, and in the domes on the square of the Square there will be a festival catering offer, across Mirko Kleščić Street to Matica hrvatska Square. Numerous refreshments will be available at every step, which will be catered for by local craft breweries, gin and brandy producers and wineries, as well as delicious snacks, from gingerbread and craft sauces to gastronomic products specific to this region.


The festival will offer visitors an introduction to the richness of local craft and gastronomic offer, which will emphasize its "craft" character, which will include practical demonstrations and workshops for young and old, while in the evening will enjoy concerts with recognizable names of the local music scene .

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