In the east of Croatia, between the river Drava, Sava and the Danube, there is our historic region of Slavonia. It is the main granary and most developed agricultural part of Croatia.

In addition to natural resources, Slavonia is also a region of unique legends, myths and stories transmitted from generation to generation. Slavonian locals are known for maintaining their traditions so there you will be able to experience the complete spirit of Slavonia - from the celebrating the harvest, the specific folk costumes to the joyful folk music.

Something that will surely delight you here are always the cheerful, friendly and hospitable hosts who will welcome you with the finest Slavonian delicacies such as fish stew and a glass of top quality wine.

Beautiful golden fields with green forest, fertile plains, an abundance of fruits and three beautiful rivers have created a real natural idyll in this area. Slavonia was also worshiped by noblemen who enjoyed delicious wines, hunting and fishing here.

One of the natural phenomena in Slavonia is this unique appearance in whole Europe. It is a salt-water spring in Bizovac, which has remained of the former Pannonian Sea, and the temperature of the water reaches to incredible 96 degrees! Also, Vinkovci are the city with the longest life in Europe.

Besides the beautiful Vinkovci, there is Osijek with the largest population in Slavonia, Slavonski Brod known as the city with the most beautiful city promenade in Croatia (Kej) and our hero town Vukovar. Slavonia is also enriched with the wonderful Požega, Našice, Županja, Slatina and many other smaller towns and places that give a special charm to our golden region with their culture and beauty.

Discover which places of beautiful Slavonia are followed by our live webcams and have fun with a virtual tour through the Slavonian jewels!

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