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At a height of 277 meters above the hill, in the very center of Istria, lies the medieval town of Motovun, the right choice for a peaceful and relaxed holiday. Motovun is a fortified town on the ramparts situated above the Mirna river valley, combining all the charms of beautiful Istria and delighting its visitors. Perfect place for all the lovers of the past where every stone tells the centuries old story

. Motovun has been inhabited since ancient times, but today's appearance dates back to the 12th and 13th centuries. It is precisely the medieval origin of Motovun that makes it so attractive. The city itself is divided into three parts, and its specificity is two order of walls. A large number of cultural and historical sites make Motovun an almost city monument.

On the slopes of the Motovun hill, grapes are cultivated to obtain the famous Istrian wine varieties, and the vineyards' scenes take breath away. The Mirna Valley is kilometers covered with Motovun forest, a place known for its Istrian truffles. In the beautiful and protected forest grow two types of truffles, black and white truffles, and both are true gourmet specialties. Of course, truffles are just one of the finest delicacies in Istria that is famous for its gastronomic benefits. All the guests of Istria and Motovun cuisine will surely be delighted.

The most famous event is definitely the Motovun Film Festival, which aims to promote films made in small cinemas and independent productions. The five-day festival annually sees more and more fans of film art. T

The legend says that the town of Motovun lies on an ancient source of energy, at the crossroads of "dragon lines", which is why everyone in Motovun is calm and good-willed. The story says that the wonders of Motovun did not endure the giants who lived in the valley of the river Mirna, and one of them is Veli Joža from the work of Vladimir Nazor. So if you want to discover what Motovun is even attracting giants, visit him and you will surely find out!


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