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Buje are located in the northwestern part of Istria, only 13 kilometers away from Umag. All lovers of the past exploration, nature lovers, and passionate gastronomists and cyclists will spend amazing time in Buje. This is a place that will give you a perfect stay during the whole year.

In the autumn you will be able to taste the young wine and the fruits of the Istrian forest. Winter is made for hunters, while spring is perfect for enjoying the beautiful weather and pleasant temperatures on cycling and mountain trails. Of course, summer is still unbeatable. Buje will provide you a dream vacation on the beach with clear sea and dense, green pine trees.

If we go back to the past, Buje was known as the "Guard of Istria" thanks to its strategic position - it is located at 222 meters above sea level. From that ancient past, there are many cultural and historical sights, especially it's worth mentioning a church of St. Servul who is also the guardian of this place. Right next to the church of St. Servul is a belfry with a stunning view of parts of Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Italy.

You have to visit the church of St. Mary Mercy with a bell tower and a fresco, a tower of St. Martin, the preserved part of Venetian walls and an ethnographic museum with handicrafts of folk culture.

Also, do not miss the exhibitions in the Orsola City Gallery. Whether you are an artist or not, the exhibitions of this gallery will amaze you.

Other attractions and entertainment program of this place will amaze you, too. You can spend your time on various water attractions at Aquapark Istralandia or at the wine marathon Wine Run - Parenzana Magic. For all adrenaline fans, there is an adrenaline jeep safari that drives through the "wilderness" of Istria.

You can enjoy a walk through the beautiful, rich olive groves and vineyards or laze in Kanegra on a pebble beach in the shade of pine trees.

In September, during the Grape Festival, the evenings in Buje are full of life, and all visitors have the opportunity to participate in various games, enjoy delicacies, dance and music.

Now when you have imagined all these beautiful scenes, you only have to pack your suitcase and come to Buje!

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