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Višnjan is located in the western part of Istria, between the Mirna River and the Lim Bay. The name Višnjan comes from the Latin word Vicinianus, which means nearby, because in the past Višnjan was the closest property to the city of Poreč. It is only 12 km from Poreč, and it is widely known for its observatory, which gained world fame by discovering these small celestial bodies within the solar system.

 It was founded 35 years ago by local enthusiasts, and today the most prominent among them is the astronomer Korado Korlević.

With a view of the stars in Višnjan, a new form of tourism - astrotourism - has slowly begun to develop, because many sky lovers from all over the world have been coming to this town with about 2,000 inhabitants for years. The perfect destination for incorrigible romantics who can gaze endlessly at the sky full of twinkling stars.

The completion of the nearby Tičan Observatory, from which the sky above us will be even more accessible, will only contribute to the development of "cyber romance".

At the very entrance to the town is a protected pine forest (pinja), and the biggest wooden attraction is certainly the 160-year-old Meduna oak, which is 18 meters high and is located only a kilometer away from the intersection of the local road Poreč - Pazin.

In the local forests, which are otherwise rich in mushrooms, the characteristic ladonja tree also grows.

The ideal way to discover the surroundings of Višnjan and its natural beauties are bicycle paths, the most famous of which is the 29-kilometer long Star Trail that passes through Višnjan. The tempting Istrian gastronomy is worth tasting in small, rural tourist households, taverns and restaurants where top-quality fresh and

local foods such as Istrian prosciutto, cheese, truffles, olive oil.

Remains of the culture of the Celts, such as ceramic dishes and other trinkets, can be seen on the Montemez hill near Višnjan, and the name means "beautiful hill" in Celtic.

In the vicinity of Višnjan, there is the Baredine cave, a karst phenomenon of this region, which is arranged for visits, but in order for the adventurous spirits not to rest, there are also caves in the vicinity that have not yet been explored. In the settlement of Dilian there is a monastery and the church of St. Michael's from the 11th century, whose research is also participated by world archaeologists.

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