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The city which is located in the County of Istra, on the western coast od the Istirian peninsula. Away from Umag and Porec, by 15 km. Novigrad is covered by a Mediterranean climate which is mixed with a mild continental climate, so in this area it is pleasant to stay throughout the year. Novigrad has hot and dry summers that bring many warm hours, and also a mild and rainy winter. Formerly, it was know as the city of fisherman. It later developed a textile industry. The main branches of industry are tourism, agriculture, fisheries and textile industry. Novigrad has five cillages: Antenal, Mreda, Dajla, Novigrad and Buzinija. This area was inhabited in ancient times. Throughout its history, Novigrad was at the intersection od turbulent historical events, which are confirmed by numerous monuments and archaeological sites. The first written evidence that mentions Novigrad dates back to the 7th century. In the 8th century Novigrad experienced a boom as it becomes the point of reference of feudalism and cultural revival. In the 16th century Novigrad is affected by infectious diseases and frequent wars for wich the city experienced a stagnation until the 17th century. Throughout the centuries, Novigrad was occupied by Byzantium, Germany, Venetians, Austro-Hungarian and Napoleon. Each period that ruled, left a trail of cultural heritage, which still exists today.

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