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Barban is a picturesque medieval settlement of the acropolis in the southern part of Eastern Istria, located 28 km northeast of Pula, above the Raša river valley. The town of rich history has a lot of monuments of the past and a number of interesting things to visit.

Well-preserved architectural buildings from the baroque and gothic period, frescoes and Glagolitic records, churches, palaces and city walls make Barban a very attractive excursion destination and destination for all the lovers of cultural and historical heritage.

Due to the great development of tourism, the locals of Barban turned to agrotourism and merged these two economic branches. The Barban area is suitable for hunting tourism because the area along with the forests and the valley of the river Raša is full of birds and wildlife and riding that has become more and more popular lately. The rich country provides quality wines, so Barban can certainly indulge in numerous wine cellars. Barban is a real destination, every season, for family vacations, scientific work or romantics who love solitude and peace.

The anniversary game The ring race held every year in August is also very famous and what makes tourists come to Barban.

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