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Labin is the small medieval town situated in the east of Istria. It is a town with a rich history and cultural heritage, often called the city of artists and galleries.

The main town square of this small town will win you at first sight, thanks to the preserved loggia and various symbols from the time of the reign of Venice. It consists of two parts - the old town and the new settlement Podlabina. Walking through this city you will feel like you are walking through a large museum that leads from the city gate, across the lodge, the monastery, the palaces to the baroque facades of noble families.

For this reason, Labin is a place that attracts visitors who prefer cultural tourism and all the lovers of history and antiquity. If you get to the top of the old town, you will enjoy the beautiful view of Kvarner, Velebit, Rabac, Gorski Kotar and the green Prklog bay, which is a protected landscape.

Labin is also known as a mining town so you absolutely have to visit the National Museum that tells the story of the mining past of the city. It is decorated impressive and it is really special in this part of Europe.

Although a historic town, Labin has not been "stuck" in the past. This is a city that lives and it is constantly developing. An increasing number of ateliers and galleries are opening up. In Labin, there is also the site of a young generation - a popular multicultural center.

The end of July and the beginning of August are the ideal time to visit this town because of the festival "Cultural Summer"

In addition to the historical richness, Labin is also rich in top quality gastronomic offer, so don't miss a chance to “snack“ something good.

And if you have a desire to swim in the crystal clear sea, visit the Labin's tourist exposed part - Rabac and enjoy the destination with Mediterranean vegetation and beautiful white pebble beaches.

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