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Barban - Trka na Prstenac Barban (The ring race), Barban, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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Thanks to our camera you can watch live on one of the most famous events in Istria - Trka na Prstenac (The ring race). Of course, at the time when race is held, actually the third weekend in August.

This is a knightly game that has been considered as a trademark of Barban, and with its rules quite resembles a popular game in Sinj - Sinjska Alka.

Within twelve seconds it is necessary to cross the 150-meter-long path and hit the ring with a spear. This traditional game was first mentioned in 1696 when the Venetian family Loredan organized it during various fairs in order to attract as many visitors as possible.

In the rest of the year, you can also keep track of events in this area and see the working people, the parked cars and the little Romanesque church of St. Opat.

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