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Kraljevica is an old coastal town, the town of Sv. Nikola, the town of Zrinski and Frankopan, a town with a rich and interesting past located at the entrance to the Bakar Bay, about 20 km south of Rijeka.

It has indented shores, green and lush vegetation, so it is known for its beaches and beautiful promenade. Two medieval castles with a church that are the legacy of Croatian noble families Zrinski and Frankopan are a place for cultural and entertainment events in the summer, and together with the surrounding area are a famous tourist destination for those who want to relax, have fun and enjoy the cultural offer.

On the Oštro peninsula, a wooded and wind-protected area, the first bathing place was opened in 1891, which received significant international recognition.

Thanks to its geographical position, natural beauty and healthy climate, Kraljevica is one of the first health tourism centers from the end of the last century, which is associated with the tourist development of Kraljevica - Kraljevica Villa Nirvana, which now houses a rehabilitation center. The benefits of the climate are responsible for the tradition of health tourism: sea, air, sun and sand baths, and the impact of the wind on health is especially emphasized.

Staying outdoors is one of Kraljevica's most important assets. Arranged promenades from the sea to the old places in the hinterland of Kraljevica on the hills, by the sea and through wooded areas combine into one recreation, the beauty of nature, a tour of cultural monuments and a journey into tradition and many gastronomic temptations.

The Kraljevica submarine at a depth of 17 m hides a statue of St. Nikola, the patron saint of Kraljevica. Every year on the eve of the feast of St. Nikola, divers from all over Croatia and abroad make his pilgrimage to him.

The shipyard in Kraljevica is the oldest shipyard in the eastern part of the Adriatic, whose tradition dates back to 1729.

Not far from Kraljevica is the tourist resort Scott Bay located in Dubno Bay, whose name is credited to the Scottish writer and traveler Lord Alexander Scott, who built it in the early XIX. century bought and chosen as a place of permanent residence and spent all his wealth on beautification and landscaping of this bay.

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