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Njivice is located on the northwest coast of the island of Krk and from a former small fishing and farming town has been transformed into a favorite tourist destination of Krk. Njivice attracts many tourists with an abundance of activities for active holidays, mild climate, beautiful beaches and romantic walks by the sea.

Njivice is the youngest place on the island of Krk and has developed thanks to tourism. Due to the position protected from the wind and available drinking water, the Romans had their country houses in the area of ​​Njivice. At the beginning of the 19th St. summer houses began to be built in Njivice, and in 1930 the first hotel was built in Njivice.

Today, Njivice is a tourist center with modern accommodation facilities, dominated by hotels, and a campsite protected by the shade of deciduous trees.

The beaches in Njivice are diverse, mostly pebble and rocky, and hidden coves are ideal for those seeking peace and solitude. Due to the particularly mild climate, the beaches in Njivice are surrounded by forest, which makes them especially attractive in summer. At the end of the city beaches begins the promenade - a romantic path through the shade by the sea in the length of 1200 meters.

Not far from Njivice is Jezero, one of the two on the island, once a fishing area, but for decades it has been regulated as a source of drinking water. Njivice offers its visitors outdoor entertainment that is on the program almost every day. So you can get to know traditional folklore, listen to klapa concerts, promenade concerts of wind orchestras. During the summer, the local gallery hosts exhibitions by renowned artists.

Tame and peaceful, Njivice is a summer resort where you will spend a completely relaxed vacation and will surely invite you to come again!

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