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In the central part of the northern Croatian coast the tourist town of Novi Vinodolski has developed.

The first mention of the Novi dates back to 1288 when the Vinodol law was written in chakavianic glagolitic script. It is one of the most important croatian cultural monument and also one of the most important European medieval documents.The most recognizable simobol of Novi is the bell tower of the church of Sv. Filip Jakov high 36 meters. At the site of today's bell tower there was the votive church of St. Fabian and Sebastian, which according to the legend, were built within 24 hours to protect the people from the plague that was harassed in this period.

Novi Vinodolski and its surroundings abound in valuable cultural monuments of the ancient past. It is a historical and cultural center of the Vinodol kingdom, the cradle of writers from the Mažuranić family. In the center of the town there is the birth house of the brothers Mažuranić - brother Ivan, Antun, Matija and Vladimir-Fran.

Novi Vinodolski has a lasting, mild and healthy Mediterranean climate with approx. 2500 sunny hours per year.

The highlight of summer events in Novi Vinodolski is the international summer carnival that has been held for almost 20 years each summer and brings together more and more participants of all ages. And in the winter its place is owned by Novljanski Mesopust - a traditional winter carnival.

If you decide to explore the surrounding area, we suggest you to visit the Chapel made of glass. If you are interested in the details, the chapel is located in the village of Omar. The whole building is made of metal construction and glass.

For those who want to find peace in the soul and devote themselves to thinking and experiencing a unique zen, it is imperative to visit the heavenly labyrinth at 800 m above sea level in the hills of Krmpota near the Novi. Here you can completely devote yourself to walking through the labyrinths and its messages and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea and the island of Krk. The most entertaining event is the summer solstice gathering when people fall in love with nature spend the night under the stars with gong sounds waiting for the morning summer or the longest day of the year.

There is a beautiful “bird's eye view" to Vinodol and Novi from the one of the 6 viewpoints, 3 of which are set in the area of Novi itself.

And another interesting thing. Right here in Novi the first bathing resort was build, today's town beach Lišanj, built in 1878 by the Mrzljak family. There were eight cabins on the beach. It is interesting that bathing was separate then for men and women. When the red flag flared, bathing was allowed by men. A when a white flag  flared  it meant bathing was allowed to women.

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