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Malinska is located in a wooded bay on the west coast of the island of Krk and with about 20 smaller surrounding towns belongs to the area called Dubašnica (oak is the name for oak). It has lush vegetation and it is probably the most tame part of the island completely protected from winds. It is 15 km away from the Krk bridge. Malinska was named after the mill whose traces can still be seen in the center of the town by the water source.

Malinska was the only place on the island of Krk without an urban center, but in the 18th century it gained importance with the construction of the port when it became one of the main export ports, and in the 19th century with the arrival of steamers in Malinska, Trieste - Malinska, the first tourists.

Today, Malinska is a favorite summer resort of many guests and a tourist destination on the island of Krk with a rich and long tradition. Here you can enjoy a dozen beautiful beaches, mild climate and a rich tourist offer and many accommodation facilities. What will attract you to Malinska is the indentation of its very gentle coast, peace and relaxation in top accommodation in family-owned hotels that are a kind of trademark of Malinska.

The port is located in the center of the town, along the coast there are promenades and bike paths, so Malinska is thus connected with Njivice to the north and the port of Porat to the south.


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