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Croatian day on the National Geographic Channel

Croatian day on the National Geographic Channel

On September 19, Croatia will present itself to the world for the first time on one of the world's most watched television channels. Through three different shows, Croatia will be shown as a top destination for all lovers of research, gastronomy, adventure and science, in a format never seen before. This kind of promotion is a big thing for Croatia if we take into account that National Geographic reaches about 433 million households in 171 countries through all its platforms.

The evening of September 19 on the National Geographic program will be completely dedicated to Croatia. Three shows in a row will be broadcast, the topic of which deals with Croatia. At 9 pm we will have an episode of Gordon Ramsey: Uncharted Kitchens filmed in Croatia (Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted), at 10 pm an episode about Croatia from the series Europe from Above will start, and then, at 11 pm, an episode of the show Cars from Above of Dreams - Inside the Factory where Rimac cars will be talked about.

Legendary chef Gordon Ramsay dedicated one of the episodes of the third season of the series to Croatia. Under the expert guidance of his host and friend, the famous Croatian chef David Skoko, with whom he measured his culinary skills, Ramsay explored Istria, hunted goats and donkeys, searched for truffles and prepared several recipes for viewers using homemade products such as fresh eggs, goat cheese and olive oils. With the episode filmed in Croatia, Gordon is also taking viewers on a trip to Mexico, Texas, Maine, Puerto Rico, the Island Smoky Mountains in America and Portugal as part of the third season of his show. Thus, Croatia will be presented as one of the most interesting destinations in the world.

Croatia will be presented through the show Europa from the air where is the emphasis on fantastic shots from a bird's eye view. Beautiful and relaxing aerial shots of Croatia will present Croatia to the world, especially the lesser known cities of Ston and Metković, the fairytale Motovun, Pula and much more through stunning hyperlapse aerial photographs. Did you even know that Croatia has the second largest walls in the world, after the world-famous Great Wall of China? Or that the largest white truffle in the world was found in the Motovun forest, which with its 1300 grams is included in the Guinness Book? These are just some of the places and stories we will be able to watch through impressive aerial shots. The episode was filmed throughout last year and covers all seasons, thus fully evoking the beauty of individual places. The National Geographic team was so fascinated by the unusual 5.5-kilometer-long zigzag walls, which extend beyond the town of Ston all the way to the nearby hills. Ston has the second largest walls in the world, the longest preserved defensive wall in Europe and the oldest saltworks in Europe. In addition to the mentioned destinations, the episode about Croatia will introduce viewers around the world to Osijek's Drava bank, Lonjsko polje, Neretva valley, and impressive footage of the connection of the Pelješac bridge, the demolition of the Zagreb Cathedral tower and repairs of the climbing rock in Paklenica National Park. Then the Pula Arena, which is one of the ten best preserved amphitheaters in the world and is the largest and best preserved monument of ancient architecture in Croatia. Motovun is the host of the best preserved medieval fortress in Istria, and the Istrian region is home to one of the most expensive foods in the world - the prized white truffle. High-quality white truffles can be sold for an incredible 6,000 euros per kilogram and are about 40 times more expensive than black truffles. Last year, at an auction in Italy, an anonymous buyer from China paid a staggering 100,000 euros for 900 grams of white truffles.

In the popular show Inside the Factory, we will have a unique opportunity to peek into the fascinating Rimac Automobili factory, during which the world will get to know Croatia as a country of knowledge and innovation.

 Episodes about Croatia will be broadcast on September 19, 2021:

21:00: “Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted”.

22:00: "Europe from Above"

23:00: Rimac Cars 

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