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Jelsa - View towards waterfront and square, Jelsa - Hvar, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 16.6927
  • Latitude 43.1624
  • Publicaton date 05. December 2018.


30o C 35% 1016 hPa
The Island of Hvar, king among the Dalmatian islands,due to the mild climate, warm winters and pleasant summers plays host to a large number of guests. In 1991 the Island of Hvar signed the Declaration of the Central Dalmatian Islands - an Eco-clean Zone. Jelsa and its surroundings are like a sunny garden filled with the invigorating smell of an unpolluted sea, while above it clear, blue skies. Our webcam has a view to the beautiful waterfront and the square.This place in summer is crowded by tourists and all the important events in Jelsa during the year are taking place exact there. Waterfront with a small harbor and not far is Jelsa Municipal Museum.

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