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Fužine Bajer Lake, Fužine, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 14.712
  • Latitude 45.309
  • Publicaton date 11. May 2020.


16o C 68% 1009 hPa

Fužine - a famous tourist destination with a very long tourist tradition. The real paradise, situated only 15 kilometers from the sea, at 730 meters above sea level, surrounded by picturesque mountains, the silence of centuries-old coniferous forests and the beauty of its lakes. Fužine marks the wealth of water. Today there are three reservoir lakes: Bajer, Lepenica and Potkoš, which are well-suited to the gorgeous landscape. Lake Bajer is the oldest reservoir lake, all three are built because of the enormous amount of precipitation that falls during the year. They are rich in fish and are a real bait for fishermen. The clear waters abound with trout, clown, head, carp, pike and many others. There are sailing regattas, diving competitions on the lakes, surfing, canoeing and canoeing, and you can visit it by a tourist boat. The most popular promenade is around the Bajer Lake with its own trail.t At his promenade in December, when thousands of visitors visit Fužine to say goodbye to the Old Year at noon, organizes the event Torches around the lake. Bayer then takes on an amazing look. A mile and a half of trail along the lake no other day of the year looks so spectacular.

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