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  • Longitude 13.632
  • Latitude 45.081
  • Publicaton date 28. June 2019.


25o C 69% 1016 hPa

Rovinj today is one of the most developed tourist destinations in Croatia. Also known as one of the most picturesque and most romantic towns on the Mediterranean. Magical blend of nature and Mediterranean culture.

Here you can enjoy a view of the peninsula of Rovinj, on which the medieval old town core has been built - a protected historical part intertwined with centuries-old worn-out lanes and scalenades that run along small colorful houses.

The view to Rovinj, from which perspective it was, always stops at the same detail, which is the belfry of the church of Svt. Euphemia, patron of Rovinj.

The island of St. Catherine is one of the most beautiful islands of the Rovinj archipelago. It is located just a few hundred meters from the city center.

You can also see  the Grand Mole and the South Harbor with lots of boats.

Rovinj je svakako odredište svih onih koji žele doživjeti romantiku starog Mediterana i sentimentalne trenutke na uskim, pitoresknim ulicama i malenim trgovima.

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