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Novalja Rotating Panoramic Camera Wind Rose, Novalja, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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The rotating panoramic webcam provides you the view on all sides of the center of Novalja. It starts with the view of the promenade by the sea and the part of Novalja called Gaj and marina where you can see interesting yachts and boats in the season. Then you can see the dock for a catamaran that runs all year round to Rijeka and Rab, and in season this is also a dock for the Melita catamaran on the route Rijeka - Krk - Lopar - Novalja - Zadar. You can also see the Rose of the Winds, the main location where all the major events, concerts are held, and is an interesting gathering place for young and old alike for the Novalja small talk. Further, the webcam takes you to the promenade by the sea, which in the season is crowded with people and stands selling Novalja souvenirs. You can also see Vrtić bay with the main town beach and the main road through Novalja. On the left we can mention the walls of Kaštel, inside which is the restaurant of the same name. The wall dates from the 11th century and is one of the few preserved architectural heritage. Once upon a time, the sea stretched all the way to that wall. The promenade through the center is full of bars and cafes, the Basilica Square which is also the center of all Novalja events, and the newly renovated Loža Hotel. In the distance you can see the Velebit, which "catch" all the clouds, so you can be sure that a completely different climate prevailed in Novalja.

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