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Carnival, Mardi gras – webcam live stream
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Carnival, Mardi gras – webcam live stream

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The 5th season. There are many names for Carnival in Croatia, you can call it depends of the location of Croatia, but the period is everywhere the same, from Epiphany to Pure Wednesday. They all have the same time tradition, to begin in January and end up on Pure Wednesday (Pepelnica) with ritually burning a figure (Pust), which reverses the winter period and announces the spring. The tradition of carnival has been cherished in European countries for centuries, but Croatia also has its own famous carnival magic. Today, in all major cities, there are urban carnivals with carnival processions, masks dances, great treats, children's performances, torches, fireworks and finally the solemn burning of the "carnival prince".

The most famous Croatian carnival celebration is the Rijeka Carnival, which is one of the largest events on the eastern Adriatic. It is also one of the 500 best European events. The Rijeka Carnival has attracted many visitors from all over Croatia and Europe for years. But in Croatia there is not only Rijeka Carnival, but also many other carnival events that go back to the past. These are for example Samobor Carnival, Turopolje Carnival, Dubrovnik karnevô, Novigrad Carnival, Carnival in Opatija, Split Carneval, Carneval in Lošinj and other numerous celebrations.

Although each carnival throughout Croatia has its own regional features, to everyone is in common one thing, searching for the culprit for all the bad things happened last year. The culprit is always found and it is the Prince of Carnival called Fašnik or the Pust at Adriatic. He is judged to all bad things and all the evil that happened in the past year, he admits his guilty and then his burning following on the carnival Tuesday usually at the main square. As the culprit is burning, all the evil and all the misfortunes go with the smoke, celebrating the end of the winter and the beginning of the spring and all the good of this world.

Throughout Croatia, the peak of carnival festivities take place on Monday or Tuesday in March. So you have time to dress up, become someone else and experience the magic of Croatian carnivals.

You can experience the carnival charm on the streets and squares of Croatian cities for a moment, through the live streaming of our webcams!

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