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Pakoštane, Drage, Vransko lake, HD rotating camera, Pakoštane, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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Camera info

  • Longitude 15.535
  • Latitude 43.893
  • Publicaton date 06. June 2019.


4o C 67% 1013 hPa

Magnificent view of all four sides of the world for all lovers of panoramic view. The HD resolution webcam with clear and vibrant colors, creates the impression that you are on the spot itself.

This webcam from the viewpoint Čelinka above Drage , provides you the view to the pearly Kornati islands in the distance, the picturesque place Drage, Pakoštane at the foot and the surrounding islands (Žavinac Mali and Žavinac Veli) and the natural phenomenon Vrana Lake, not a kilometer distance from the sea. Enjoying the view surrounding by scent of Mediterranean vegetation at every step will fill your nostrils with the beauty of this part of Dalmatia. A unique combination - a fantastic view of Vrana Lake on one side and the Adriatic Sea and the islands on the other.

Just observe and enjoy!

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