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Rijeka, panoramic rotating camera with a view of the harbor and the waterfront, Rijeka, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 14.442
  • Latitude 45.3270
  • Publicaton date 11. May 2021.


27o C 58% 1011 hPa

Rijeka, the largest Croatian port and the open exit of Central Europe to the world - this is exactly what you are looking at the moment.

View of the port of Rijeka and the waterfront from the Transadria building, a beautiful neoclassical building with the main facade facing the sea. The port of Rijeka is bordered by a series of magnificent buildings with a representative view.

The existing breakwater you see on the left is the main port basin popularly called "molo longo", because of its 1707 m long. Translated into Italian it means a long pier. Today it is in the function of a passenger terminal and a coastal promenade. The Rijeka breakwater is not only the protection of the port from major storms, which is why it was built at the end of the 19th century, and repaired and extended during the 20th century. A few years ago, it became a daily promenade for children, young and old, and pets. Handicraft and art fairs, music gatherings and sports recreation are held on the breakwater.

In the foreground is a view of the harbor itself and the moored yachts. Anyone who has visited Rijeka in the last few years has noticed luxury yachts in the port, some of which are worth tens or even hundreds of millions of euros. There are up to 20 large yachts 20 to 93 meters long in the port of Rijeka every day. Wealthy owners, both because of the good infrastructure for ships, recognized Rijeka as a safe port and a top destination that is always full because it is in a great location and close to everything; 5 airports are very close, and after Rijeka it is moving towards the Adriatic islands.

Very often you will see very luxurious yachts anchored here, but you will rarely find out who the owners of these yachts are. The Port Authority adheres to the principles of discretion and only the name of the yacht, length and estimated time of stay in Rijeka are important to them. One of them is a luxury 40-meter yacht that is moored in the port of Rijeka for most of the year and is a frequent choice of world celebrities, and can accommodate 10 guests. It was attended by one of the founders of Yahoo, and someone from the cast of the popular Netflix series Quicksand. Last May, you had the opportunity to admire the luxury yacht Ocean Paradise by the famous Italian manufacturer Benetti.

Behind the port, the view reaches to the Karolina Rijeka Pier, named after the heroine who saved the city from destruction. The pier is located in the center of the port of Rijeka and many popular events are held here throughout the year such as: fishing festivals, Rijeka Boat show - Rijeka Nautical Fair, Snowboard Session, Rijeka Carnival, and every winter it is decorated with ice rink Sea snowflake.







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