Carnival in Lošinj
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Carnival in Lošinj

  • 26.01.2019. - 05.03.2019.
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There is a long tradition of carnival at Kvarner, especially in Lošinj.

This year you will find a rich and interesting entertainment program, masks and crazy fun. In all places on the island of Lošinj, every Saturday, there will be a fun carnival party, begining with the surrender of the City keys and then the carnival madness starts. The peak of carnival events is on Tuesday (13 February) when a carnival parade will be organized around the city and then the dialectTestament will be read. It talks about all the major events that took place during the year and were commented in a humorous way from the perspective of a ordinary man. At the end, a doll called „Pust“ is punished and burned at the stake, for all the sins and disadvantages committed in the past year, and all the evil disappear in ashes.

As part of the carnival, traditional MareMonada is held - a carnival sea race. At this specific race on the sea, along with always joyful music, boats of various shapes, up to four meters long that are not motorized, are made out of barrels, buoys, warships, surfboards, beach towels and other original carnival floating objects, and the purpose of race is not to come first to the finish line, but had a great time, entertain youself and present its mask and idea.

In the opposite of this fabulous sea race, there is unavoidable Balinjerada - exciting race of vehicles on 'baliners' or ball bearings, because people from Lošinj simply love to race. Balanjerada is part of a fast-paced competition in the management of unusual home made "speeders" and in part, a carnival procession featuring traveling structures in which the carnival groups invested a lot of effort and work.

Lošinj's carnival madness lasts until March the 5th when a city carnival parade is organized.


Lošinj carnival program

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