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Dubrovnik, Stradun - PTZ camera, Dubrovnik, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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Street Stradun or Placa how is called by Dubrovnik people, is the main street of the town, the vibrant street you need to visit if you want to feel the spirit of the city. If you did not walk through Stradun, you were not even in Dubrovnik - there is a famous proverb about this street. It is 298 meters long and it can be easily walked for ten minutes of light walk, but for Dubrovnik people it is the longest street in the world where everybody knows and greets everybody, comments on daily events or observes the life of the city.

It stretches between the two town gates, the gate of Pile and Ploče and is bordered by two well-known fountains - the Great and the Little Onofrio's Fountain, paved with stone blocks, which are polished to shine a wooden floor, so it is called street-salon. Along the Stradun there are numerous famous city sights - from the Sponza Palace, the church of Sv. Blase, the Rector's Palace on the eastern part of the Franciscan monastery and church on the west. Between Sponza Palace and St. Blaise rises Orlando's Column, the oldest preserved Public Sculpture in Dubrovnik, one of the most beautiful sights. Today we shall take place at Orlando's ceremonial opening event of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival on the pillar rises flag with the inscription "Libertas" symbolic of Dubrovnik. Palace of the Grand Chamber is situated between the city and the tower Rector's Palace. As part of this area also is famous city of Dubrovnik cafe and theater. At the exit from the main street towards the door panels can be found Luža old bell and until it rises the town clock tower.

Stradun is also used for ceremonial processions, such as the Fiesta of St. Blaise. New Year's Eve here named among the top 10 selections in the world.

The viber street Stradun is the most famous street in the city of Dubrovnik and all over the world. The street at which at the peak of the season, when in this city in one day arrived several ships, are walking 10000 of tourists at the same time. Stradun's popularity, as well as his immense beauty and importance, is also reflected in the fact that the past few years have been chosen as a scene for recording a number of popular series and films such as 'Star Wars' and 'Game of Thrones'.

Stradun was walked by many tourists, the famous personality disorders and stars, Stradun invite you to walk it and feel its rhythm.

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