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  • Longitude 15.773
  • Latitude 43.7555
  • Publicaton date 28. March 2019.


21o C 19% 1021 hPa

The new live stream HD technology webcam in Vodice, anyone who wants will be able to track events in the city at any time. With the help of HD technology with superb night vision and clear, natural colors, the webcam provides a view of the most vibrant waterfront in Dalmatia. Most of the work have been made in the past few years at this waterfront, not only visual but also in a design which attracts tourists and make the waterfront attractive and indispensable. During the summer season here is held the CMC Festival Vodice, the most popular and largest festival of local pop and entertainment music in the region and the Vodice Festival in August.

Then, the view goes up to the monument to World War II Victims with the name "Victims of Yugoslav Communism" and the port of Vodice, which is protected from all the winds also the ACI marina of Vodice, located in the center in the northeastern part of the city harbor. This marina is a favorite meeting place for boaters looking for active vacations, fun and various pleasures.

Then you can see Complex Olympia, located 500 meters east of the center of Vodice and 30 meters from the sea, the ideal combination of traditional and modern. Hotel Olympia Sky is categorized as a four star hotel and is located right next to the beach itself. The pebble beach of Hotel Olympia offers a wonderful view over the town of Vodice on the one hand, and the other on the island of Prvić on the other, with plenty of amenities.

If you do not like the crowds, you can reach the island of Prvić by boat, pedal or water scooter for only a few minutes. This island is in the categry of the closest islands to the land, Prvić is the smallest island of the Šibenik archipelago, located near Vodice and is one of the few islands of the inhabited area. There is no car on Prvić, but from one end to the other end there is a small distance.



One of the most important tourist towns, Vodice, the leading tourist center at the Šibenik Riviera, is ranked on the list of ten most desirable Croatian cities that are recommended to every tourist and are a true example of a modern and urban tourist center.The town of Vodice is surrounded by the sea, the islands and the river, and very close to 2 national parks - Krka and Kornati.Cheerful and load during the hot day and still magical in the sunset, Vodice in the summer months live both, day and night.

This beautiful stone city was inhabited in ancient times and known as Araus. As Vodice owes its name to the wells that do not dry up, even at the hottest summer days, people from Vodice traded water with the islands until the 19th century, and the memories of that are the two wells that still stands at the town square are a special attraction for tourists who are throwing the coin in the well and wish for luck. In addition to the parish church of Sv. Križ in the center of Vodice, you must visit the Ćorić tower built from stone from the island of Brač that was built in the 17th century. For lovers of nature and ecology there is also a museum of maritime traditions and the aquarium itself. You can look at various ship models and visit the aquarium with many species of fish.

ACI marina with 273 berths in the sea and 50 places for boating on the mainland is located in the northeastern part of the port of Vodice (Vrulje bay). It is protected with two seawalls and is open during the whole year, excellent traffic-related.

One of the main attractions in August is the famous "Vodice party“. The traffic closes and the madness in the city starts with the sounds of the local klapa. As many other seaside towns, Vodice offers a rich gastronomic offer of fish and seafood. The abundance of quality restaurants will surely satisfy your palate. The beaches where you can spend the whole day are filled with various entertainment events and activities. You will certainly not be bored, as just walking around the long beaches which are stretching along the whole coastline around Vodice and refreshing in the sea or in some of the many cafes, it takes you several hours. In the evenings, you can enjoy a walk along the seafront or in the crazy party in famous nightclubs.


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