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Šepurine is a place located on the island of Prvić, which is a small island in the Šibenik archipelago and is located near Vodice.

Car traffic is prohibited on the entire island and the place Šepurine as well as the whole island is ideal for a quiet, family vacation. Šepurine can be reached only by Jadrolinija's boat Tijat, which maintains a daily connection with the mainland.

Beautiful pebble or sandy beaches and crystal clear, blue sea simply entice you to swim in it. Šepurina is dominated by two churches. The first church of St. Jelena is located in the center of town and has become part of the recognizable Šepurine view. The second, larger and newer Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is located above the site.

The famous landmark of Šepurin and the whole of Prvić, its most famous inhabitant from the past is Faust Vrančić. 2012 The Faust Vrančić Memorial Center was opened.

Summer feastes are held on the island Prvić. One is celebrated on August 2 in Prvić Luka, on the feast of Our Lady of the Angels, then on August 16 in Prvić Šepurine on the feast of St. Roko and the Burtiž regatta where every year in late August or early September sailing traditional boats on a Latin sail.

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