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Kaprije is an island covered with pine forest with a total area of only 7 km2, and is located in the center of the Šibenik archipelago. The name of the island comes from a very popular Mediterranean spice - capers, which was once present on the entire island. The only settlement on the island bears the same name – Kaprije, and it is surrounded by hills, the highest of which is Velika glavica (129 m).

Kapri can be reached by ferry or catamaran from Šibenik, which run several times a day. As no cars or motorized vehicles are allowed on Capri, escape from noise, crowds and city smog is safe. Kaprije is largely uninhabited, so here you will really enjoy privacy, peace and quiet and find your own piece of paradise.

Kaprije has about 20 attractive coves, and the best beaches on the island are Luka Sveti Petar or Luka Kaprije near the village of Kaprije, Mala Nozdra cove and Velika Nozdra cove. Walk around the island and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of capers, grapes and olive groves. For those looking for an active holiday, we recommend hiking, walking, cycling and diving (near the island, 55 meters below the sea surface, there is a sunken ship from the Second World War). The island has everything you need for a perfect vacation - a local grocery store, several bars and restaurants, and a post office.

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