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Šibenik, city beach Banj, Šibenik, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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25o C 29% 1016 hPa

If you are looking for an excellent pebble beach near the center of Šibenik, we suggest the beach Banj, a city beach with the highest quality of the sea that we can certainly add among the beaches with the best view in Croatia. Enjoying the pebble beach Banj with a view at  the the historic core of the city , the fortress of Sv. Mihovila, the Barone fotress, Šibenik's cathedral and marina Mandalina is a special experience. Blue Flag - a symbol of ecologically clean beach, deserved flips over sports and recreational terrains, catering facilities and playgrounds, shaded pergolas and summer cinema. And after a full day's rest on the beach, it takes a bit of fun and entertainment. In the evening Banj turns into an elite place for a good time and fun.


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