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Sovlje, marine and bay, Tribunj, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 15.730
  • Latitude 43.764
  • Publicaton date 07. April 2019.


26o C 53% 1011 hPa

The picturesque Sovlje bay is protected from all the winds except the summer breeze, which refreshes during the summer season. Sovlja bay attracts many tourists and visitors from the surrounding towns. Very quiet settlement, no noise, and traffic is seldom seen. 15 minutes walk from Tribunj and 10 minutes drive from Vodice. The bay attracts with turquoise colors, extraordinary cleanliness and warmth of the sea. There is also the famous Sovlja beach which is planned to be completely redeveloped by stone cascades in the sea in more places and other additional amenities.

Within the bay there are numerous small boats, right next to the bay is a small shipyard and service for boats, and near the entrance to the bay you can see the little islet of Sovljak.

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