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  • Longitude 15.667
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  • Publicaton date 30. September 2019.


9o C 64% 1027 hPa

Pirovac is interesting because of the beautiful bays of Sitnica, Vrulje, Makirin and Vrilo and their pebbly beaches, and the special attraction is the islet Sustipanac located just in front of Pirovac. The islet is interesting because of the ruins of a Franciscan monastery from the 16th century.

There is a traditional competition of singers First Voice of Pirovac and a real Dalmatian feast of Pirovac Night. The Feast of St. George, patron saint of Pirovac (23 April) and Our Lady of Carmen (16 April). Pirovac has about 20 restaurants that organize seafood festivals every Saturday night during the summer season. Walking through the new, restored waterfront you can reach the old, historical part of Pirovac with churches, fortresses, monuments speak of the rich past of Pirovac. The church of Our Lady of Carmel is located in the old town center, built in 1506. and reconstructed in the 18th century in Baroque style.

Here you can see the part of the mainland that runs through the road to Tisno and Murter.

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