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Kaprije, Kaprije, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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13o C 67% 1023 hPa

Kaprije is a small island in the Šibenik archipelago, about 15 km southwest of Šibenik. The island of Kaprije, known as one of the many pearls of the Adriatic.

There are no cars on the island. It is possible to reach Kapri only by sea, i.e. by ferry or hydrofoil from Šibenik. Located in a bay, it is naturally protected from strong gusts of wind, so it is the anchorage for many sailors. Therefore, anchored sailboats and yachts are an essential part of the island's summer panorama.

There are about 20 bays on the island, the most famous of which is the Port of St. Petra, which you are currently looking at through our camera, and is also the main and largest bay in which the coastal part of the Kaprije settlement is located.

The harbor has a 70 m long concrete and stone quay shore. In the extension of the said shore, a concrete shore for mooring boats 100 m long has been built on both sides. South side of the jetty - mooring of yachts, speedboats and other ships and boats.

Watch the dynamic scenes of the departure and arrival of ships, speedboats, yachts and ferries.

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