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Zaton kod Šibenika

Zaton kod Šibenika

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Zaton is a Dalmatian village located in the northwestern part of the Šibenik Bay, 10 km from Šibenik, in a quiet bay at the mouth of the river Krka.

Built of old and new stone houses, it sprang up on the very edge of the bay of the same name in a canal that connects the brackish Prukljansko Lake (which is a natural fish hatchery) with the Šibenik Bay, so the sea is less salty. A beautiful view of the bay and partly of the place stretches from the Šibenik bridge where bungee jumping is the big attraction.

A large figure of a Mediterranean bear has been set up and adorned the coast of Zaton since 1979, when it was a trademark of the Mediterranean Games (a rowing and kayaking competition was held in Zaton). Due to the extremely favorable natural conditions in Zaton, there is also a natural, quality rowing club. For years, many teams and national teams have been training on this track and preparing for their national and international competitions, which prolongs the tourist season in this place (preparations are held outside the tourist season). Golden Croatian Olympic rowers Valent and Martin Sinković started preparations for the Olympic Games in Brazil from the track in Zaton.

In the immediate hinterland of Zaton there are good fields, gardens, vineyards, olive groves and fig orchards, and a small local market together with a fish market on the coast is always full of local fruits, without exception and special efforts of organically produced. Thanks to its developed activities, Zaton has a rich gastronomic offer: prosciutto, cheese, lamb, fish, shellfish, crabs, quality olive oil and quality wine.

Zaton is an ideal place for rest, recreation and excursion tourism. It attracts more and more tourists every year. The beautiful bay in which Zaton is located, is extremely quiet and suitable for family tourists. In the summer months, various concerts, sports competitions, the celebration of the feast of the patron saint of Sv. Roka, which is traditionally held on August 16, and Zaton evening at the end of July. For years, the sports and entertainment tourist event Prukljanski gušti and the music event Klapa na Vrulji have been held regularly.




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