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Split - PTZ camera, panorama, Split, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 16.4396
  • Latitude 43.506
  • Publicaton date 06. March 2019.


19o C 72% 1006 hPa

The Port of Split, situated at exceptional geographic position in the Mediterranean, with extraordinary maritime characteristics for reception of vessels, has earned the rank of one of the most important centres for local and international maritime traffic. Heavy traffic, especially during the summer season, sailing in and sailing out large cruise ships, local and international ferry lines, and catamaran lines to the Adriatic islands. In a distance you can see the islands of Šolta and Brač, the hotel Marjan and the part of the marina under Sustipan. The webcam takes you to the Marjan Hill and the Split waterfront. What would Split be without its waterfront, which has a special place in the life of people from Split. Split's waterfront is today the main city promenade, a place to stop talking to friends or sit while drinking coffee. It is an ideal stage for great events, especially remembered by magnificent wellcomes of sports heroes, the procession on the Feast of the city's patron saint of St. Duje, there are various musical performances on it, and it is the main venue for a New Year's Eve. Beside the promenade, people are attracted by interesting architecture. Around 250 meters long, on the west side, the Franciscan monastery of St. Frane, Dešković Palace and Prokurative, while at the southeast end 'monitors' the building of the Split's Port. Between the Diocletian's Palace on the north of waterfront and the sea there are palm trees, surrounded by a pleasant green belt with benches, which are an ideal place to rest and catch some shade during the summer hot days. Enjoy this beautiful view at any time of the day - the scene will always be interesting!

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