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It is not said without a reason that the storm is "born" in Senj and by following our livestream, it will be clear why. Through our webcam at the Coast of Dr. Franjo Tudjman, you will often have the opportunity to see the wild sea and the boats that are powerfully rolling on the waves on the Senj waterfront and experience the atmosphere of this unique coastal town.

You can see the "White waterfront" and "Main waterfront" (2 of the 5 waterfronts in Senj), Điga breakwater, behind which is the beach. On the Coast of King Zvonimir is the old Harbour Masters, which is still in the same place today.

In the background you can see the hill Nehaj with the symbol of the city-Tower Nehaj, which was built in 1558 as a refuge for the Senj Uskoci, which defended the city from Turkey and Venice.

And during the beautiful, calm and sunny weather, the waterfront becomes a favorite promenade of Senj and tourists who are very happy to use the opportunity to stroll past the rarely serene Senj sea. The waterfront has a special charm in the evenings when you can enjoy the view of the lighted city and its reflection in the dark sea.

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