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16o C 93% 1004 hPa

This beautiful panoramic view comes from Zadar. As one of the most beautiful cities on the Croatian coast, Zadar can be proud of this stunning live streaming, in which you enjoy, thanks to web camera of LiveCamCroatia. You are viewing the peninsula and the Cathedral of St.. Anastasia in Zadar. On the right side, there is a newer part of town, as well as the road that takes you to the ferry dock in case you want to visit the Ugljan island or Pasman Island. On the left, there is old part of the city that you must visit if you come to Zadar. In the focus of web cameras, you can see a sea bay with many boats tied to the pier. Little further towards the open sea, central bridge is located, which was built in 1962. It is the bridge with width of six meters, its length of one hundred and fifty two meters connects new city with the peninsula, and today is also known as the busiest pedestrian crossing in Zadar.


Zadar is located in northern Dalmatia, in the area suitable for development, since it is in the middle of east coast of the Adriatic Sea. In the periods of seamanship, it was very important that Zadar is protected from the open sea with archipelago of Zadar islands. The area of Zadar is inhabited from ancient times. There is evidence about life there older than the Stone Age, and through archeologic research settlements from the period of Neolithic were found there. Zadar was a capital of Dalmatia for a long time. It has rich monumental heritage, which can still be seen: Roman Forum from the first century, old churches, cathedrals and basilicas, such as Church of St. Donatus from the ninth century (the best known basilica from the Middle Ages), Romanesque St. Chrysogonus Church from the twelfth century, St. Anastasia Cathedral from the thirteenth century. There is also People’s Square, established already in the Middle Ages, a centre of life in town.Former Town Loggia is today a centre of painting activitiesin Zadar, where in summer international events take place. Besides, there are strong city walls and numerous palaces, villas and the rest of the monumental heritage of ancient Zadar. In addition to the remains of the ancient times, one of the tourist attractions is “Greeting to the Sun”, which combines sunset and light works to create an impressive light play. Besides “Greeting to the Sun”, there are also “Sea Organ”. Unlike ordinary organ, these are played by the sea, more precisely waves, ebb and tide. They are located near the “Greeting to the Sun” and represent unique combination of architecture and music.

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